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Year in and year out, the people in our industry work tirelessly to give growers the best products and services possible. Sometimes, one individual in a retail business stands out among the crowd year after year as going the extra mile, thanks to extraordinary leadership and vision. After some extraordinary circumstances over the past few years, it time to celebrate what makes the ag industry great!

It is time to recognize this unique individual who has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication over time.


1. Impact in the Agri-Retail Industry
The nominee has made a significant impact in the agri-retail industry over at least 10 years in the business and is recognized as having a strong reputation for excellence and professionalism.

2. Continued Customer Service and Satisfaction
Is recognized as setting an industry standard for customer service and satisfaction, and will have a significant number of loyal, longstanding customers as a result.

3. Effective Employee Relations
Demonstrates proven, effective employee management and retention with a strong team of motivated, well-trained and/or experienced employees while supporting employees with strong compensation packages, training opportunities, and safety initiatives.

4. Effective Business Strategy
Demonstrates an ability to lead, adapt and thrive using an effective and successful business strategy that has resulted in long-term growth and success of the business.

5. Community and Industry Leadership
Demonstrates a lifetime of exceptional leadership in the industry and their local community and is recognized as a mentor and an inspiration to others in the industry through their leadership and commitment to excellence.

To nominate yourself or another individual for this award, click here to fill out the online form by Friday, December 17, 2022.

If you have any questions about the CAAR award nomination process, please contact Lady Gabilo at 204-989-9304.


In addition to being recognized as a leader in the ag retail industry, the winning individual receives an award plaque to display at their office, a $1,000 prize, a 1-page article featured in the CAAR Communicator and CAAR Network, and is also inducted into the CAAR Awards honour roll.

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