Our committees are an essential part of our organization. They provide insight and advice on key initiatives helping us to reach our goals.

Committee members support our organization by engaging with and leading discussions that have an impact on critical issues that affect the ag industry. We couldn’t be more appreciative of their time and commitment.

We are always looking for more committee members to join in on the conversation. If you’d like to join a committee please contact us.

Maikka Manacsa
Administrative Operations Manager


If members wish to become actively involved in a committee and contribute to advancing the association’s goals, we invite them to connect with us. Your participation is invaluable, whether it’s sharing expertise, lending a hand, or advocating for industry interests. Contact the appropriate Committee Chair directly to express your interest in joining. Let’s work together to shape the future of our association and the ag retail industry!

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the association’s strategic direction and operational management, ensuring alignment with its goals and values. It provides leadership and guidance to the Board of Directors, oversees financial matters, and makes critical decisions on behalf of the association.

Stu Rasmussen – Blair’s Family of Companies
Martin Kiefer – Agrico Canada Ltd.
Myrna Grahn – CAAR
Stan Loewen – Terralink Horticulture Inc.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee, driven by a deep commitment, advocates for the interests and concerns of association members at local, provincial, and national levels of government. It vigilantly monitors legislative and regulatory developments affecting the ag retail industry, develops robust advocacy strategies, and engages policymakers and stakeholders to influence decision-making processes in favour of the association’s priorities, ensuring members’ voices are heard and their concerns addressed.

Stan Loewen – TerraLink
Martin Kiefer – Agrico
Myrna Grahn – CAAR
Wes Arnfinson – Shur-Gro

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies to engage with members, stakeholders, and the public effectively. It oversees all internal and external communication channels to promote the association’s activities and initiatives, including websites, newsletters, social media, and press releases. This committee is key in coordinating communications related to the annual convention, ensuring members are informed about event details to maximize participation and engagement.

Eric Gregory – BrettYoung Seeds
Darren Fawns – Nutrien
Denise Faguy – Farms.com
Kirstin Pears – Olds Fertilizer
Myrna Grahn – CAAR

Membership/Value Committee

The Membership/Value Committee, with a strong focus on community, is dedicated to enhancing the value proposition for association members and promoting membership growth and retention. It passionately develops and implements initiatives to attract new members, improve member benefits and services, and foster a vibrant sense of community and engagement among existing members, making you feel a part of our thriving association.

Craig Senchuk – Hi-Tech Installations
Brian Gross – Terralink
Cassandra Morari – The Rack Petroleum
Dan Aarsen – Neerlandia Co-op
Maikka Manacsa – CAAR

Training Committee

The Training Committee facilitates training programs and resources to support association members’ professional development and training needs. It identifies industry trends and best practices and collaborates with partners to enhance members’ knowledge and skills.

Darrel Knight – Federated Co-operatives Ltd.
Ken Cram – Redferns Farm Services
Maikka Manacsa – CAAR

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