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“The Keep it Clean Product Advisory gives growers the information they need to ensure they’re growing market-ready crops,” says Krista Zuzak, Director of Crop Protection and Production for Cereals Canada. “Growers are encouraged to review this year’s Product Advisory and consult with their grain buyers prior to applying any crop protection products that have an advisory associated with them.”

Product/crop types included in the advisory this year include:

  • Fluopyram – ‘no categorization’ for use on oats. ‘Do not use’ on malt barley and ‘be informed’ on barley.
  • NEW: Tetraconazole – ‘not registered’ for use on oats. ‘Do not use’ on malt, food or feed barley.
  • Chlormequat – ‘be informed’ for use on feed, food and malt barley.
  • Glyphosate – ‘be informed’ for use on oats, wheat, barley, peas, green lentils, chickpeas, dry beans, and faba beans. ‘Do not use’ on malt barley.
  • Saflufenacil – ‘not registered’ for use on oats. ‘Do not use’ on malt barley.
  • Sethoxydim – ‘be informed’ for use on lentils and chickpeas.
  • Chlorothalonil – ‘be informed’ for use on chickpeas. “Not registered’ for use on dry beans and faba beans.
  • Glufosinate – ‘not registered’ for use on peas, lentils in Eastern Canada, chickpeas, dry beans in Western Canada and faba beans. ‘Be informed’ for use on dry beans in Eastern Canada.

Click here to view the 2023 Product Advisory.

Missed the webinar?

Keep it Clean hosted a webinar that provided an overview of why crop protection products registered in Canada may cause marketing concerns for export markets, and how the Canadian grain industry is working together to mitigate these risks. The webinar also provided an overview of the 2023 Keep it Clean Product Advisory, covering the product and crop combinations that may cause market risks for cereals and pulses.

Watch the Keep it Clean Product Advisory webinar.

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