April 2024 issue of CAAR Communicator now available online

The feature article “What is new in fertilizer” provides an in-depth examination of Canadian fertilizers in the international market as affected by global politics.  It also looks at fertilizer technologies which are on the horizon.

The April issue of CAAR Communicator also examines farmer protests in Europe to understand what all the fuss is about and to see if they could happen here.

CAAR Communicator also examines the highs and lows affecting Canadian agriculture transportation by water. A water crisis is affecting cargo ship transportation routes on the St Lawrence Seaway, the Great Lakes, the Panama Canal, and the Mississippi River. Find out how this could impact you!

Lastly, this informative April issue examines Strategies for recruiting top talent and Coal as cow feed—protein-rich livestock feed.

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View the April 2024 issue online.

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