Banner for Momentum building to stall carbon tax increases

The Agriculture Carbon Alliance (ACA) now calls on all Senators to support farmers by ensuring Bill C-234’s passage. The proposed legislation will deliver critical financial relief for farmers, growers and ranchers across the agricultural sector.

“As Canadian farmers face rising production costs, the passage of Bill C-234 is crucial to providing much-needed financial support,” said Dave Carey, Co-Chair of ACA. “This legislation will provide farmers with the resources to invest in innovative and sustainable on-farm practices, while ensuring the stability of our food supply. With Bill C-234 advancing to the Senate, we urge swift and decisive action to help our farmers thrive.”

Introduced by MP Ben Lobb (Huron-Bruce), the proposed legislation would amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act to extend the exemption for qualifying farming fuel to include marketable natural gas and propane.

Bill C-234 would provide a complete exemption for necessary farm practices that utilize natural gas and propane, such as irrigation, grain drying, feed preparation and heating or cooling of barns, greenhouses and other agricultural growing structures.

“Agriculture is at the forefront of the fight against climate change and the industry has an important role to play in combating food insecurity, at home and abroad,” added Scott Ross, ACA Co-Chair. “The passage of Bill C-234 will support our farmers and remove the burden of carbon pricing from necessary farm activities that lack viable fuel alternatives. This exemption will unleash the full potential of our farmers, growers and ranchers, enabling them to make investments that help secure a sustainable future for all.”

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