CAAR Congratulates Marcus Construction

Founded in 1956 by Carl Marcus, Ross Marcus joined the family business in 1984 and took over as CEO in 1995. Ross Marcus will remain as the majority stockholder, and has now welcomed third-generation owners Taylor Marcus and Darin Bushard to join him.

Marcus Construction is made up of two business units, Agribusiness Industries and Commercial/Industrial. Agribusiness Industries includes dry fertilizer storage, warehouses (chemical, seed, liquid fertilizer, bulk, and packaged products), office and training centers, and complex renovation projects. Commercial/Industrial includes commercial, retail, industrial, health care, financial, corporate, restaurants, educational and worship facilities.

Taylor Marcus joined the company in 2017 and currently serves as the Vice President of Operations. Darin Bushard joined in 2020 and his current role is Business Development in the Agribusiness Industries business unit. “As I started looking ahead to my future, I reflected back to how my father handled the transition,” Ross describes, “I want to set Taylor and Darin up for success and have them well prepared, just like my father did for me.” Ross continued, “Taylor and Darin are excellent leaders that live out the core values that we stand for. I’m super excited about our future as I partner with them and continue to drive towards our long-term goals of growth and development.”

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