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The agenda includes concurrent virtual sessions each day that gives you the opportunity to tailor your interests, the sessions include best practices and safety in the workplace, managing COVID-19 safety requirements, the value of technology to ag retailers, the importance of benchmarking your business, and how to effectively engage and communicate with your employees and customers.

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The Value of Technology to the Ag Retailer
Todd Ormann, Telus Agriculture

COVID-19 and recent trends in e-commerce have only highlighted the changes that are facing the industry. The landscape is changing quickly and how we conduct business with farms and industry partners will not be the same going forward. Understand the areas of investment, what the expectations of the technology are and how it’s intended to support the ag retailer and its customers.


The Value of Benchmarking Your Business
Sam Zurawski, Backswath Management

Benchmarking is already used extensively in production analysis and marketing but benchmarking financial and managerial performance is less common. However, businesses who participate in financial benchmarking are quickly able to see how their performance compares to others, especially to those identified as best in class. When you know where you stand, you can take steps to get where you want to go.


Accident and Safety Awareness for Ag Retailers
Robert Gobeil, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA)

Discover the types of retail accidents that are continuing to happen, and what the impact is on the ag industry. One accident is one too many.


Canadian Cereals Market Access – Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) Assessment
Victoria Linden, Cereals Canada

Understand the role of the cereals MRL Assessment Committee and how they’re ensuring that new to market crop protection products are available for Canadian farmers to use and that there is approval in key export markets to enable trade. Learn the process and considerations of the committee as well as the impacts of global MRL changes and consumer preferences in market access. 


Building Relationships with Your Customers
Rob McIntyre, Dale Carnegie

Customers today have higher expectations than ever before. They have the tools and take the time to seek out the organizations that will not only meet, but also exceed, these high expectations. But what if we are not clear on their expectations? Understand the ABC’s of Customer Service: Attitude, Build Relationships and Communicate Effectively.


Building a Safety Culture Within Your Organization
Bruce Kirk, Backswath Management

Does your company have weekly safety meetings? Working Alone – How are you mitigating the risks? Review the steps for building a safety culture ensuring safety is a team effort from all levels within the company, learn how to define responsibilities, take accountability, understand the process and find ways to make continuous improvements.


Engaging our Employees
Rob McIntyre, Dale Carnegie

Trust, respect and credibility are tightly interwoven. Being trustworthy builds credibility and respect. But how do you build trust? It takes a genuine desire and intentional effort supported by principles and tools to gain the trust of employees and become known as a credible, respected leader. Learn the tools you can use to take control of our attitude, build relationships, enhance our communications skills which will ultimately result in enhanced leadership skills.


Understanding the New Fertilizer Regulatory Requirements
Clyde Graham, Fertilizer Canada

Fertilizer Canada will provide an update on the new fertilizer regulatory requirements, how it impacts the ag industry and what ag retailers need to do to manage the new requirements.

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