CFIA seeking feedback from stakeholders in Canada's seed system

As part of the Seed-RM process, the CFIA will be consulting on the information brought forward to the CFIA and the Seed-RM Working Group (WG) from the following Task Teams:

  • Variety Registration
  • Seed Testing
  • Common Seed
  • Exports
  • Imports

CFIA has launched a wide-based consultation to help inform the Seed-RM WG members and the CFIA about the input from these Task Teams.

The consultation questions are divided based on stages of the seed regulatory lifecycle, from development to sale. This consultation focuses on the following regulatory lifecycle stages:

  • Variety Registration
  • Sampling, Testing and Grading of Seed
  • Sale, import and/or export of seed

In addition to the lifecycle stages, stakeholder feedback will be collected on proposals brought forward by the Seed-RM WG on the following topics:

  • Establishment of an advisory committee and its role in standard Setting, including Crop Varietal Purity Standards
  • Establishment of a digital end-to-end seed certification information management system
  • Establishment of an alternative service delivery arrangement with the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association for certain seed certification tasks currently done by the CFIA

CFIA asks stakeholders to complete an online survey called the CFIA Seed Regulatory Modernization Survey.  Please answer all questions for any or all of these stages that apply to your organization. Your feedback will be invaluable in supporting the CFIA’s Seed Regulatory Modernization initiative, which benefits all Canadians.

CFIA has almost completed this initiative.  The task team stakeholder engagement process is almost complete. This is your chance for your voice to be heard.

If you have significant concerns or would like CAAR to advocate on specific elements in this initiative, please contact Myrna Grahn at 204-989-9303.




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