Banner for December 2023 Issue of CAAR Communicator Now Available Online

The December issue of CAAR Communicator also takes a look at what issues would prevent on-time delivery of grain on Canada’s rail systems, as well as a primer on carbon tax in Canada.

CAAR Executive Director Mitch Rezansoff takes a look at the value of ag associations.  

The magazine also reviews human resource challenges in the agriculture industry with a look at the Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council (CAHRC) report entitled Sowing Seeds of Change, as well as an article called Keepin it real, a look at how to attract employees who may be returning to the workforce, as well as considering offering flexible, part-time, and other arrangements to attract top talent to your organization.

If some of your team members are not receiving the CAAR Communicator Magazine and you would like them to, please contact Nikeisha Paul-Hunnighan at 204-989-9313.

View the December 2023 issue online.

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