Banner for 2023-24 Membership Renewal is Underway

Please remember to renew your membership now, if you have not already done so. CAAR is newly committed to the following pillars: Unite. Educate. Advocate.

Your membership fees directly support CAAR’s advocacy activities, industry initiatives, agriculture scholarships, and upgrades to existing programs and services.

As noted, we are focusing our efforts on your behalf in the following areas:

Unite – CAAR is the only national association that exclusively represents the interests of agri-retailers today. As such, we recognize the magnitude of our responsibility as your voice in the industry. As a member, you can expect to be an integral part of the CAAR community. The CAAR team is working diligently to better the member experience on all platforms.

Educate—CAAR continues to provide training courses essential to agri-retailers’ operations. In addition to the current training programs, CAAR members can look forward to having access to extended education programs in the future, equipping them with role-specific learning paths to advance their careers in agri-retail.

Advocate – CAAR is committed to supporting and representing agri-retailers in the following areas:

  • Regulation and Compliance: environmental, supply chain, safety
  • Sustainability: climate and ecological, ag production, and the business of ag retail
  • Training: supporting and addressing new training requirements

For more details about CAAR membership, please contact the CAAR office at or 204-989-9300.

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