What’s Driving Fertilizer Prices Available to view

Sustainable hydrogen & ammonia have the potential to help Canada meet its net-zero climate goals, but a global transition to hydrogen & ammonia as a sustainable energy source or fuel will take collaboration between government and industry, new or expanded infrastructure and technology advancements.

Join a variety of experts from industry and government as we discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with sustainable hydrogen & ammonia production, transportation, export, and consumption.

The four dates in September are as follows:

  • September 7: Introduction & Emerging Markets 11 am – 1 pm EST
  • September 14: Production Pathways & Infrastructure 11 am – 1 pm EST
  • September 21: Safety, Storage & Transportation 11 am – 1 pm EST
  • September 28: Conclusion & Future Considerations 11 am – 12:30 pm EST

  Register for the Forum on the Fertilizer Canada website.

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