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Agriculture retailers, who have questions relating to Manitoba Restriction on Winter Application of Nutrients can reach out to Mitch Rezansoff, Executive Director: 204-989-9303.

The following sources of information are used as described in the two policies to determine whether a variance will be issued:

  • Manitoba Ag-Weather Program — Daily soil temperatures monitoring network
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada — Long-term weather forecast
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada — Visual spectrum images to determine snow cover using the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite through a partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

For the latest information on the Manitoba Restriction on Winter Application of Nutrients variance go to

When a regional/province-wide variance has not been issued for the winter application of nutrients, and an individual agriculture producer believes their soil/weather conditions should be considered for a variance, contact staff in the Nutrient Management Regulation program at or by phone at 204-945-0002.

If an individual wishes to make a formal request for a variance, the request must be provided in writing by a Professional Agrologist or Certified Crop Adviser referencing the forms provided in the link above.

Published:  November 14, 2022


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