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Check out the auction items we currently have available to bid on during the auction. We’re updating daily so make sure to check in ahead of the auction to plan your bidding, from spray performance kits to Rancona Seed Treatment, Red Granular Potash to Everest 3.0 Herbicide, and Apple Ipads to Milwaukee Prize Package.  There is also a Team Canada apparel package as well as a Flow-Serve Chemical Pump, so chance are you can definitely find something to your taste and needs to bid on! 

Click here to view the auction items, hosted on CharityAuctionsToday.

As noted, you don’t need to attend the CAAR Conference to bid on auction items, just pre-register on the auction website and you’re ready to start bidding on items.

Strategies for bidding

It’s all going to a good cause to support CAAR.  The auction helps raise funds to strengthen CAAR’s operations and industry activities, and it can be lots of fun.

  • Don’t be intimidated. 
  • Decide ahead of time what the maximum amount is you are willing to pay for an item (it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment).
  • Watch your bid.  In general, online auctions tend to start of slow and then go very quickly. 
  • Wait until the end to place your bid. 
  • Consider setting your maximum bid to an odd number, such as $333.33 instead of $325, for example.

Good luck! Have fun! Support CAAR Pro-Ag Investments


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