PMRA modifies study submission protocol for pesticides

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is once again adapting its policies. It says the changes are to optimize management processes.

Previously, under the Management of Pesticides Re-evaluation Policy (DIR2016-04), PMRA necessitated registrants to submit a list of study titles concerning their active ingredients during a re-evaluation phase.

This helped them pinpoint the required data for review. By 2021, there was an addition: accompanying each study title, registrants had to provide an executive summary (essentially a study abstract) when a higher priority re-evaluation was underway.

But change is in the air! Starting from the 2023-24 fiscal year, the PMRA is tweaking its approach. No longer will they need executive summaries within the initial 90 days of a re-evaluation initiation. Instead, here’s the new roadmap:

PMRA will give registrants a “courtesy head up” even before a re-evaluation.

Once the re-evaluation process begins, within a month, registrants need to provide their study lists. But there’s a catch. They must stick to the updated data list template which requires full study titles aligned with PMRA’s data codes (DACOs). If not, a 15-day window is granted for re-submission.

PMRA will then dive deep into the data list, scoping out and establishing the necessary data requirements. They’ll reach out if they feel the needxecutsummary for specific ofdies. Registrants will then have 60 days to provide these summaries.

The overarching aim? Streamlining the data-call-in process, ensuring greater efficiencies, and keeping every stakeholder in the loop.

PMRA says that it remains open to further refinements to this approach. For any queries or clarification, the PMRA Information Service remains your best point of contact. 

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