Protein Industries Canada elects Tyler Groeneveld as new Board Chair

Tyler Groeneveld (Corteva Agriscience) has been elected as their new Board Chair. He’s no stranger to the board, having been a member since 2018.

Groeneveld humbly said, “Being the Chair of Protein Industries Canada is a great honour. Together, we’re aiming for big things like more jobs and growth for Canada. Exciting times ahead!”

Frank Hart, the first Chair from 2018, isn’t saying goodbye. He’ll still be a guiding force on the board. Frank shared, “It felt right to pass the leadership torch now. The future looks promising for Canada’s plant-based sector.”

Four new faces have joined the board: Dr. Anja Geitmann from McGill University, farmer Dori Gingera-Beauchemin, Jacqueline Khayat from Virentia, and Jennifer Marchand from Cargill. Meanwhile, thank Karen Chad, Karen Churchill, Laurie Dmytryshyn, and Mary Donlevy-Konkin, who served the board passionately.

Tyler didn’t forget to shout to Frank, saying, “Frank, you’ve been amazing! Your leadership helped shape Protein Industries Canada.”

Protein Industries Canada recently had a significant event in Edmonton. There was exciting news about a $20 million collaboration between Protein Industries Canada and Innovate UK.

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