Upon successful completion of the course, trainees will receive a TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) certificate, valid for three years, confirming they are qualified to transport and handle anhydrous ammonia.  Read more to learn about CAAR’s online and in-person training opportunities for this course. 

Anhydrous Ammonia: Retailer Safe Handling and TDG Certification covers all aspects of handling and safety in a retail or distribution centre setting. Topics include chemical properties and characteristics of anhydrous ammonia, site safety and security, transferring procedures and emergency response.

The course is offered online and through in-person training, based on demand. CAAR is able to provide retailers with tailored, on-site training at your company’s location(s). CAAR requires at least 30 days notice to arrange on-site training.

Retailers who are interested in hosting an interactive, hands-on employee training session at their location(s) are encouraged to contact the CAAR office at info@caar.org for more information.

Visit caar.org/training/anhydrous-ammonia-tdg to register employees today! 

The training is NOT VALID until the employer signs and sends in a “hands-on check sheet” confirming the employer’s satisfaction with the trainee’s knowledge of handling of anhydrous ammonia.

Interested in sponsoring the Anhydrous Ammonia Retailer Safe Handling and TDG Certification course?

Sponsoring the course will support the operation of the course and ensure that trainees’ fees remain low. You will be acknowledged as a partner of CAAR in the Anhydrous Ammonia Retailer Safe Handling and TDG Certification course including recognition by each trainee through various touch points and in the caar.org course page https://caar.org/training/anhydrous-ammonia-tdg. As new regulations and updates are available, additional exposure is in place through CAAR’s Member Alerts.

The Anhydrous Ammonia: Retailer Safe Handling and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Certification is our top selling course with an average trainee reach of 400 from retailer and supplier companies across Canada.

Logo visibility includes:

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For more information about the training course or becoming a training sponsor, contact Lady Gabilo at 204-989-9304 or lady@caar.org.