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Announced previously in November of 2020, Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission are now producing The Blue Book. For the 2021 edition, the commissions hired an editor to lead the annual updates while the GrainsWest magazine team led the publishing. Tom Wolf has also contributed to the updated section on sprayer operation.

The commissions unveiled in December, which included an advanced ordering system so customers could place orders for the 2021 Blue Book well in advance of the busy growing season. With nearly 6,000 copies of The Blue Book sold by advanced orders, demand is high but the commissions are ready to deliver on all orders.

Priced at $15 per book, and $13 per book on order quantities over 100, The Blue Book will be shipping to customers at the beginning of March. Whether you’re placing a large bulk order or you require a single copy to have handy in the sprayer, is ready to take your order and deliver. The free PDF document is also available for download from the website.

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