Banner for August 2023 Issue of CAAR Communicator Now Available Online

“Drought: the worst is yet to come,” says that despite the debilitating effect of drought on Canadian agriculture the past two years, the 89-year Benner Cycle predicts at least another two years of the dry stuff before it begins to get overall wetter.  

As CAAR members are frequently impacted by legislation, the August issue of CAAR Communicator looks at how legislation comes to be in “Learning to Love Bills.” Few people truly understand how bills work, but provincial and federal bills play key roles in defining our identity, especially for those involved in agriculture. 

The August CAAR Communicator articles are now available online, don’t miss Executive Director’s Mitch Rezansoff’s thoughts on the BC ports strike.  Don’t miss: 

If some of your team members are not receiving the CAAR Communicator Magazine and you would like them to, please contact Nikeisha Paul-Hunnighan at 204-989-9313.

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