CAAR Aronomy award winner Callum Fortin

Congratulations to Callum Fortin on winning the U of Manitoba CAAR Agronomy Award award.

CAAR Executive Director Myrna Grahn attended the University of Manitoba School of Agriculture’s graduation celebration on June 6 to welcome a class of new entries into the ag industry! Myrna presented the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers Agronomy Award to Callum Fortin at the banquet. The Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers Agronomy award is presented to the graduate with the highest academic standing in the Crop Management Option of the Agriculture Diploma program.

The U of M’s Agriculture Diploma program is a two-year, hands-on program that prepares students to manage a farm or work in agri-business. Courses cover production, marketing, business management and crop management.

Callum Fortin was one of the class co-valedictorians, the other of which was Nathan Krahn, who is employed by CAAR Member Terraco.

“It’s important for CAAR to support these future leaders and innovators in agriculture production,” says Myrna. “I was delighted that Nathan Krahn was already working in the ag retail industry.”

CAAR’s ability to support agriculture students is made possible through member support of CAAR’s Pro-Ag Investments Auction.