Congratulations to Olds College Student Alice Hehli

CAAR supplies the University of Manitoba School of Agriculture (2 yr. diploma) and Old College (2 yr. diploma) with $1000 each to recognize 2nd year students demonstrating skills worthy of employment in the agri-retail sector.

“It is a huge honor to be selected as the recipient and I am very grateful for this,” Alice Hehli said when she learned she had won the award. “The scholarship will be put towards my rent expenses for the next few months as well as covering my parking pass for the rest of the year. This award will allow me to put more efforts into my studies and less effort into working as exam time is approaching, and allow me to put 100% effort into my final exams. I am very thankful for this opportunity and am grateful that I was selected to receive this award.”

Hehli is in her second year of the Ag Management program. She will be continuing at Olds College for her Bachelors of Applied Science in Agribusiness.

She says that so far the program has been very informative and enjoyable.

Hehli was also selected to be the FCC summer student for the year and will be there from May until the end of August.

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