AI to help identify herbicide-resistant weeds.

The battle against weeds just got a high-tech upgrade for Canadian farmers. Protein Industries Canada is leading a project to develop an AI system that can identify herbicide-resistant weeds.

This innovative technology should help farmers target these problematic plants more effectively, leading to better crop yields and reducing herbicide usage.

The project brings together several key players in the agriculture sector. Precision AI, a technology company, will lead the development of the AI system.

They’ll work alongside Geco Strategic Weed Management, a weed control specialist, and the University of Saskatchewan, a leader in agricultural research.

The AI system will use data collected from drones and satellites. This data will provide detailed images of individual weeds in a field. Using advanced AI techniques, the system will then analyze this information and alert farmers to potential herbicide resistance.

“This technology will empower farmers to make informed decisions about weed control,” said Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada. “By using less herbicide, they can improve crop quality and protect the environment.”

The benefits of this project extend throughout the food chain. Improved crop quality means a more consistent supply of ingredients for food processors and manufacturers. This, in turn, benefits consumers who can expect high-quality food products.

“Early detection is crucial for managing herbicide resistance,” said Dan McCann, Founder and CEO of Precision AI. “Our AI system will be a valuable tool for Canadian farmers, helping them overcome this challenge.”

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