Better protection through smarter design

Better protection through smarter design

When you have zero-tolerance for grain storage loss, every detail counts. So, we’ve revolutionized the design of the grain bin to be stronger and protect better. Introducing EVO 50. Redesigned from the small details out, EVO 50 is engineered to ensure your profit is secured inside while the elements stay outside.

50 years in the making, this evolution in grain bin storage design is unlike any other: 

Optimized bolt pattern for fewer bolts and fewer holes
We’ve maximized strength at each connection and needed less bolts to do it by using metric bolts in a staggered pattern. The metric bolts provide more bearing capacity allowing us to use fewer of them to construct the bin. Fewer bolts mean fewer opportunities for water to get in.

Tougher hardware with 4x corrosion protection
We use NZF-2000 zinc-coated hardware that provides 4x better corrosion resistance. Plus, the NZF coating is applied without the presence of heat, reducing the chances of a bolt becoming brittle and the potential for failure. .

Interlaced laminated sheets maximize strength and keep water out
Built with interlaced laminated sheets means water flows out the ends, reducing any chance of water getting inside. We’ve also upped the protection against water by adding a conical sealing washer to both the bolt and nut on laminated sheets.

2x sidewall sheets on bins 90-ft diameter and larger
These innovative sheets reduce vertical seams by 50% and the number of bolts by up to 50%, resulting in significantly fewer opportunities for water infiltration.

The EVO 50 steel bin is available on stiffened bins 11 rings and taller, from 15 feet to 156 feet in diameter.

Learn more about how every redesigned detail delivers more protection here.

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