High-Protein canola seeds get boost for market

Protein Industries Canada announced a $31 million investment to develop high-protein canola and sunflower products. This project aims to increase demand for Canadian canola and sunflower seeds by creating new food and feed applications.

The investment will focus on commercializing high-protein canola meal for livestock feed and aquaculture and improving sunflower protein for plant-based food alternatives. These developments will enhance the competitiveness and profitability of Canadian canola and sunflower crops.

“This project positions Canada as a leader in sustainable food production,” said Minister of Innovation François-Philippe Champagne. Protein Industries Canada believes this project will create new economic opportunities and jobs in Canada.

This project builds on previous research that successfully created high-protein canola seeds. Now, the focus is on bringing these seeds to market and gaining acceptance in the feed industry. High-protein canola meal is expected to be particularly useful in feeding non-ruminant livestock and farmed fish.

“Deriving full value from every part of the seed is key to future growth,” said Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel. He believes this project will create more value for Canadian farmers and solidify Canada’s position as a global leader in agriculture.

Corteva and Botaneco are leading this project. They will collaborate with Bunge and Northeast Nutrition to introduce high-protein canola meal into animal feed rations. Additionally, Botaneco will use their technology to create high-value canola and sunflower protein concentrates for plant-based food products.


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