Critical Mineral Report

Fertilizer Canada showed its support for the Canadian government’s recent update to the Critical Mineral List to now include phosphorus alongside the previously listed potash. The Canadian government’s recent revision of the Critical Mineral List has been positively received by Fertilizer Canada, particularly with the addition of phosphorus to the list.

This update retains potash and introduces phosphorus, both recognized for their indispensable contributions to agriculture and food security.

As CAAR members know, Canadian farmers depend significantly on phosphorus fertilizers, which are mostly imported, whereas Canadian potash is a major export, relied upon by over 75 countries for sustainable agriculture.

The inclusion of these minerals underscores their critical nature in feeding a growing global population and the need for continued investment and support in the sector.

The update is part of the broader Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy, which seeks to enhance support for essential minerals, ensuring that Canada continues to lead in responsible mineral development and exportation.

This strategy is vital for maintaining Canada’s status as a major economic force and trusted partner in the international trade of essential agricultural inputs.

The government and Fertilizer Canada both see the potential for increased investment in environmental initiatives and transportation solutions that could further solidify Canada’s role in the global minerals market.

By focusing on these areas, they aim to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the mining and distribution processes.

Fertilizer Canada is eager to collaborate with various levels of government and industry partners to promote the use of best practices and to foster innovation within the sector.

These efforts reflect a growing recognition of the strategic importance of minerals in agriculture.

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