Transport Canada’s new regulatory requirements related to the Client Identification Database (CID) may impact your business if you are involved in activities related to dangerous goods.

CAAR members, did you realize that you must comply with the new TDG requirements for site registration by October 25th, 2024?

As your new Executive Director, I met with Transport Canada this week, and they walked me through the changes to the regulations that came into force last October 2023.

If you’re sure your staff team has already taken care of this, ignore the rest of this message. If not, you must complete this before your next Audit or October 25th, 2024, to avoid enforcement measures. It would help to have your CRA number handy, as the Government of Canada system would auto-populate much of our information.

You can easily complete this registration process for the Client Identification Database (CID) through the government’s online portal, click here or scan the QR code in the image.

This is a yearly renewal so PLEASE NOTE, that the date that you press the SUBMIT button becomes your annual anniversary for the renewal process every year. This differs from when you go to the site and check out the portal for the first time or enter information. Instead, it’s the date you click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Please choose your date strategically so it is not in your busiest season. But remember that it must be between now and October 25th, 2024. If you haven’t registered yet, your window is closing.

There are some requirements that you need to update any administrative information changes within 60 days of the changes but you can read all about the details in the attached one page summary, presentation and of course all the facts are on the Transport Canada website.

Shared with you by Myrna Grahn, CAAR Executive Director

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