Research Hub providing agronomy insights

As a one-stop spot for Canadian canola research, the Canola Research Hub provides practical insights on subjects and challenges that impact farmers.

Accessible at, the Hub’s comprehensive database and user-friendly interface make research easy to find and apply. Users can see key findings, short summaries or full reports and easily share those results with colleagues or customers. Photos, videos, tables and graphs help relay key explanations and conclusions from the experiments and studies highlighted on the Hub.

The latest plant establishment, genetics, nutrient, harvest management and integrated pest management findings will save you time, increase your knowledge and support you as you provide best practices to farmers.

Exploring the 200+ projects on the Canola Research Hub can help agri-retailers identify evidence-based best management practices for sustainable and profitable canola production in Canada, initiate the adoption of new practices and stimulate further innovation and discovery.

The Hub platform makes it easy to access results through keyword searches or filtering options. Timely blog posts each month, which are shared on the Hub’s LinkedIn account, showcase topics relevant throughout the growing season and recent content on a variety of canola production subjects.

Funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership with support from industry members like Alberta Canola, SaskCanola, Manitoba Canola Growers and the Canola Council of Canada, the Canola Research Hub features many projects funded or administered by these organizations and is positioned to help achieve the industry goal of an average yield of 52 bu./ac. by 2025.

Dive into our database at today and put findings into action this growing season.


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