SARM sounds alarm

Saskatchewan is at a crossroads. The province’s agricultural sector, a cornerstone of the Canadian economy, is in dire need of support from the government says the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM). SARM is actively seeking assistance to address issues critical to the sector’s sustainability and its pivotal role in global food security.

Ray Orb, the President of SARM, highlights the necessity of governmental support to navigate through challenges such as inflation, environmental regulations, and the high costs of farming inputs. These challenges, if unaddressed, could lead to unsustainable agriculture practices, reduced production, and heightened food insecurity.

The province’s agriculture has made significant strides, with record exports in recent years, demonstrating Saskatchewan’s capacity as a reliable supplier of high-quality agricultural products. However, continued success is contingent upon overcoming inflation-related obstacles, environmental policies, and rising operational costs.

SARM and its members are committed to finding solutions that foster environmental sustainability and technological advancement in farming. They advocate for policies that recognize and support the advanced, sustainable agricultural practices already employed by Saskatchewan’s producers.

The impact of these challenges extends beyond the farming community, affecting every Saskatchewan family through increased food and fuel costs. As Saskatchewan stands at this crucial juncture, the call for support is about safeguarding the province’s agricultural legacy and ensuring it continues to play a significant role in feeding the world sustainably.


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