Strategizing a nutrient management plan with WOLF TRAX

WOLF TRAX™️ is a proven micronutrient solution in the Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) portfolio that can help provide nutrient availability all through a crop’s growth cycle. Known for helping boost crop performance, WOLF TRAX DDP™️ micronutrients use patented EvenCoat™️ Technology to deliver the right amount of micronutrients in closer proximity to growing roots. Keep reading to continue learning about this exclusive technology.

As a solution in the KAS portfolio, WOLF TRAX is backed by customer-focused KAS experts and resources. Through KAS, you’ll not only get the innovative micronutrient performance of WOLF TRAX, but also an ever-growing library of articles and podcasts about the agronomic advantages of micronutrients. With these resources, you’ll be more equipped to help your growers understand the technology, simplify their nutrient management and enhance potential return on investment.

With EvenCoat Technology, micronutrients are evenly coated onto each fertilizer granule, distributed uniformly throughout the blend. The result is an even distribution across the field and confidence that crops are receiving the right amount of micronutrients in closer proximity to growing roots. This then provides more points of contact to increase nutrient uptake potential, so unseen deficiencies are addressed, and crops are set up for success. Continue learning about WOLF TRAX, EvenCoat Technology and the potential yield advantages for you and your growers.

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