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You don’t need to attend the 2021 Virtual CAAR Conference to bid on auction items, just pre-register on the auction website (CharityAuctionsToday) and you’re ready to start viewing and bidding on items.

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Thank you to everyone who donated product to the CAAR Pro-Ag Investments Online Auction

See below for items available to bid on:

15MT of 28% UAN
Donated by Agrico Canada

1,000 SeCan Certified Seed Voucher
Donated by SeCan

10 MT of Ammonium Thiosulphate (ATS) 15-0-0-20
Donated by Koch Fertilizer

44 Mt of 21-0-0-24 Super Sulphate
Donated by IRM/Sherritt International

Apple iPad (8th Gen.)
Donated by Meridian Manufacturing

Eight Bags of AGTIV® Pulses • Granular (18.2 Kg/bag)
Donated by AGTIV

Eight Jugs of Prosaro XTR
Donated by Bayer CropScience

Flowserve Chemical Pump
Donated by Pattison Liquid Systems

Four 400ml Bottles of Recover PO4
Donated by BrettYoung

Google Nest Package
Donated by CF Industries

44MT Of Red Granular Potash
Donated by Nutrien

Liquid Tattle and Liquid Tattle Sensor
Donated by North Star Systems Inc.

Two Jugs of Everest 3.0 Herbicide
Donated by UPL

Milwaukee Prize Package
Donated by Meridian Manufacturing

One Case Goldwing Herbicide & One Case of Valtera EZ (both treat 160 Acres)
Donated by NuFarm Canada

Spray Performance Kit
Donated by Pattison Liquid Systems

Two Jugs of Evito Fungicide
Donated by UPL

Team Canada Package
Donated by TerraLink

Twelve Bags of Perfection Lawn Seed
Donated by DLF Pickseed Canada

Two Jugs of Rancona Trio Seed Treatment
Donated by UPL

Pro Ag Investments


The CAAR Pro-Ag Investments fund a diverse range of initiatives that center on enhancing and strengthening the Canadian agriculture industry.

Funds raised from the auction directly support CAAR’s operations and activities, enabling CAAR to keep member fees low and support other causes such as CAAR’s advocacy efforts, training course upgrades, delivery of expanded and new programming and scholarships to post-secondary ag students.

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