highway tank and portable tank repair

Repair: returning a tank to its original design by welding on the tank wall or piping, protective devices, structural components, and any part that contains lading (Clause 3.2, CSA B620:20).

The regulations state that repairs do NOT include:

  • changes to vehicle equipment, such as lights, steering and brake systems, and suspensions;
  • changes to fender attachments, lighting brackets, and ladder brackets;
  • replacement of components, such as valves, vents, or fittings;
  • replacement of an attachment by welding to a mounting pad and
  • repairs to a nurse tank chassis.

Repair reports have different requirements than inspection/test reports. The repair report includes information on the repair facility, details about the repair, and the welding procedure used. The repair facility must keep a copy for 20 years (Clause 7.5.10, CSA B620:20).

Procedures and welders must be qualified under ASME BPVC Section IX (Clause 4.4, CSA B620:20).

Finally, Transport Canada reminds everyone that tank testers and inspectors are required to complete training by May 2024. 

Transport Canada has a welding repair quiz you or relevant team members can take to test your knowledge on this information.


Photo source: Pexels-Kateryna-Babaieva


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