As part of our renewed commitment to our members, watch for a new look and feel for CAAR later this month. But it is not just a new look, CAAR exists to be the united voice for Canadian ag retailers by listening, educating, and advocating for responsible agriculture.

As a result, CAAR will be influential, adaptive and a trusted partner empowering the agriculture industry. Speaking as a unified voice to governing bodies, affiliated groups and members of the public, we promise to listen, educate and advocate for responsible agriculture. By listening to our members and staying adaptable, we take a proactive, fact-based approach to address and influence policy change and public opinion.

What does it mean to empower an Industry? At CAAR, we are not just a voice. Through our three pillars—Unite, Educate, and Advocate—the association will stand with our members, shaping the future of ag retail.

As you know, CAAR recently appointed a new Executive Director, Myrna Grahn. Myrna is dedicated to the revitalization of the CAAR brand. Myrna’s appointment reaffirms CAAR’s commitment to being the unwavering voice for Canadian ag retailers.

Brand purpose and promise. CAAR exists to be the united voice for Canadian ag retailers – empowering ag retailers through collective action and advocacy efforts. CAAR is an influential, adaptive and trusted partner, empowering members by listening, adapting, and advocating for responsible agriculture.

CAAR’s renewed commitment is based on three key pillars:

Unite — We will use our collective voice to unite the ag retail community through clear and compelling messaging. We want our members to feel they belong to a community, and we will do that with transparent dialogue.

Educate — As part of our focus on education, CAAR will refresh our member training programs and collaborate with industry professionals so members can adapt and excel in the ever-changing ag retail landscape. CAAR is also refocusing our efforts on our annual convention (read more), which aims to bring together industry professionals and make meaningful connections through focus groups and continued learning.

Advocate — This rebrand emphasizes CAAR’s commitment to transparency, consistency, and integrity in all our communications. CAAR will be influential, acting as a conduit for communication between regulators and our members, reinforcing CAAR’s position as a trusted voice in the industry.

Watch for a new website and a new look for the newsletter later this month. We may need a little time to transition between the migration of the two sites, please be patient with us for another few weeks. In addition to X (formerly twitter), you will soon be able to follow us on two additional social media: Linked In and Instagram @CAAR.

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