As agrologists and crop advisors, you play an important role in providing trusted advice through sound knowledge translation to your farm clients. Key information to know and share with your farmers can be found on the Keep it Clean website. Take a look at the 5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Crops Ready for Market.

Exciting news from Keep it Clean: the much-anticipated 2024 Product Advisory has officially launched! This comprehensive resource is designed to equip growers and crop advisers with essential tools for producing market-ready crops while navigating the complexities of global agricultural export standards.

With a staggering 90% Canadian canola, 65% Canadian wheat, barley, and oats, and 85% Canadian pulse production exported annually, adherence to the guidelines outlined in the Product Advisory is crucial. By employing acceptable pesticides, growers can confidently manage their crops, minimizing the risk of market access issues post-harvest.

To support our valued members and growers, Keep it Clean has meticulously curated essential resources and messages, empowering you to effectively communicate the importance of the 2024 Product Advisory to your network. This invaluable guide ensures continued success in the global marketplace, safeguarding the interests of Canadian agriculture.

The new webinar with all this information, shared in an easy to understand online, on demand format is also available on the website.

For information, visit Join us in spreading the word and reinforcing Keep it Clean’s commitment to excellence in crop production.

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