2 – The number of key ways employers can better motivate employees.

4 – This is the average percent increase in crop production gained by farmers that use
precision agriculture technology.

6.9 – The billion-dollar amount of revenues in the Canadian organic market.

12 – As in the number of grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per megajoule, the expected amount of greenhouse gas reduction by 2030 via Canada’s upcoming Clean Fuel Standard.

34,318 – The total ascent distance—in metres—CAAR Board member Blaine Cochrane has achieved while mountain climbing around the world. That is “ascent” only. He still had to climb down.

42,000,000 – The amount of money the Government of Canada recently invested in the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, raising concerns that the regulatory process has become politicalized.

65,472,516,904 – Total operating costs for all Canadian farms in 2019.

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