Canada joins Leading Harvest's sustainable agriculture

Sustainable farming gets a boost as Leading Harvest introduces its Farmland Management Standard in Canada. This pilot coincides with Canada’s foray into sustainable agriculture policies. The pilot’s timing follows the kick-off of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Manulife’s Oliver Williams champions Leading Harvest, suggesting it could set a worldwide sustainability norm. Having launched in the U.S., the standard already spans almost 3 million acres globally, covering 100+ diverse crops. After a successful Australian debut, the Canadian market’s sustainability appetite triggered the current pilot.

Kenny Fahey, who leads Leading Harvest, highlights the urgent need for farming methods that are both environmentally friendly and can be checked. The quick global interest in their standards shows how much people want this. Fahey believes the test in Canada proves that working together in farming can lead to better outcomes.

Manulife Investment Management, Bonnefield Financial, Farm Credit Canada, and McCain Foods were essential in making the pilot a reality. The pilot project will adapt an existing standard to fit Canada’s unique agricultural conditions. It will do this by getting feedback from stakeholders and evaluating the standard in the field. Leading Harvest is hopeful that more farmers will participate in the pilot project as it progresses. 

Leading Harvest was founded in 2020 with the goal of making agriculture more sustainable. The organization has almost 3 million acres of farmland under its certification program, and it is supported by major food companies like Cargill and Nestlé. Leading Harvest is working to transform the global food system by promoting sustainable farming practices.


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