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Statistics Canada released preliminary production estimates for 2021, as well as revised production data for 2020 – Product of Principal Field Crops, July 2021. The approaches used to produce these estimates are model based data, administrative data, and other non-traditional, survey-based approaches.

As noted above, according to recent yield models using satellite imagery, Canadian farmers are projected to harvest more corn for grain, but less wheat, canola, soybeans, barley, and oats. Statistics Canada website says, “Farmers across Western Canada have had to contend with a lack of rain and higher-than-average temperatures throughout the growing season. This has exacerbated soil moisture conditions, which were already low at the start of the year. These factors have negatively impacted crop growth and yield potential across much of the Prairies.”

Wheat production, nationally, is expected to fall 34.8% year over year to 22.9 million tonnes in 2021, on lower anticipated yields and less harvested area. “The decrease in wheat area was largely attributable to spring wheat, which in addition to having less seeded area in 2021, has been impacted by drought conditions in Western Canada,” says the Statistics Canada website.

Canola production, nationally, is reported to decrease 24.3% to 14.7 million tonnes in 2021. Drought conditions on the Prairies drove yields to their lowest level in a decade, offsetting higher harvested area. This would be the lowest canola production since 2012. 

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