As reported on, Viterra has contributed around 172 acres of land across Saskatchewan and Alberta this year, demonstrating its commitment to this cause. 

Volunteer farmers have played a crucial role, dedicating their time and skills to cultivate and harvest crops on these lands. The proceeds from this endeavour directly support the Foodgrains Bank’s initiatives to alleviate hunger worldwide, encompassing both emergency responses and long-term development projects. 

Andy Harrington, the executive director of the Foodgrains Bank, has expressed his gratitude for Viterra’s continued support and the tireless efforts of the volunteer farmers. He emphasized the significance of their contribution to the ongoing battle against global hunger. 

Kyle Jeworski, CEO of Viterra Canada, also highlighted the importance of their partnership with the Foodgrains Bank. He acknowledged the crucial role of food security in today’s world and commended the farmers for their dedication to the project. Viterra’s commitment extends beyond mere support, aligning with its recognition as a global industry leader in ensuring safe and efficient food supply chains. 

The partnership’s impact is far-reaching. It funds humanitarian aid for those affected by conflicts and natural disasters. Additionally, it includes development projects aimed at helping individuals rise out of poverty. A key component of these projects is agricultural training, which equips people with the skills to sustain themselves and their communities long-term. 

This ongoing collaboration between Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Viterra, and volunteer farmers illustrates a powerful model of how agriculture and community involvement can substantially impact the global fight against hunger. 


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