Ceres and Trimex team up for regenerative wheat

This partnership focuses on improving soil health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ultimately offering higher-quality wheat to consumers.

The collaboration focuses on implementing innovative agronomic practices and technologies to improve grower performance and environmental sustainability. By adopting regenerative agriculture principles, such as promoting biodiversity, enhancing the water cycle, and increasing organic matter in the soil, the partnership seeks to create positive outcomes at the farm gate.

Carlos Paz, President and CEO of Ceres, emphasizes the significance of this partnership in addressing climate change and benefiting farmers and the planet. The joint effort aims to accelerate the adoption of practices like zero-till and diverse crop rotations, fostering efficient growing practices.

Jeff Wildeman, Managing Director at Ceres, highlights the company’s commitment to working collaboratively with growers and Grupo Trimex to identify scalable solutions that deliver value to growers while creating positive environmental outcomes.

Mar Gutiérrez, Sustainability and Social Impact Manager at Grupo Trimex, stresses the importance of increased transparency in the supply chain. The collaboration seeks to showcase the sustainable production efforts of wheat growers in the northern plains and encourage the adoption of new practices that add value to growers.

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