Alberta Cleanfarms Empty Bag Collection

Please be sure to share this information with your farming customers.

Cleanfarms, the national stewardship organization that develops and operates programs to help farmers/producers manage on-farm agricultural waste materials, is returning to six regions of Canada to hold events to collect unwanted, old agricultural pesticides and obsolete livestock, equine and poultry medications so that farmers can dispose of these unwanted agricultural materials safely.

Cleanfarms does a nationwide service every fall, heading across Canada to collect those old farm products. They’re swinging by Quebec, Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, southern Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island this year. The Cleanfarms website has all the details.

By handing over unused products, the agriculture industry ensures we don’t harm the planet. Farmers can hand over agricultural pesticides and medications meant for livestock or horses. But farmers need to ensure they have the right numbers on their labels, like a Pest Control Product number. Cleanfarms has a detailed list on its website, guiding what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Ever since 2010, Cleanfarms has championed this cause. In 2014, with a little help from the Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI), they began collecting old farm animal medications. CAHI sees this as a win for everyone—animals, humans, and the environment.

In 2020, Cleanfarms gathered 298,127 kgs of pesticides and 3,389 kgs of medications. 

Collection events are scheduled at local agricultural retailers’ locations for easy access. Information is continuously updated on Cleanfarms’ website under “what to recycle & where.”

For more information, visit the Cleanfarms website.


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