On many operations, cable systems have taken the place of these methods, meaning fewer trips up and down the ladder and less time spent taking samples, checking moisture and hoping there aren’t any hot spots spoiling grain they can’t see. Keeping a close eye on the temperature, moisture and inventory lets producers pursue higher premiums and get the most out of every bushel harvested.

What stored grain management systems do

Today, stored grain management tools can do more than just provide grain handlers with up-to-date moisture and temperature data. They can also help them keep track of inventory and receive alerts about the condition of their grain alongside the information they need to correctly set their heaters and fans to keep their grain in ideal condition.

The best systems can also automate those management processes so that farmers who want to dry or store grain can do so efficiently and without constantly watching outside temperature and moisture factors.

GSI’s GrainVue fits the bill

GSI’s GrainVue is one of these premier stored grain management systems. GrainVue uses an easy-to-understand dashboard alongside cloud connectivity to let growers assess and make decisions about their stored grain, no matter where they are. With 24/7 alerts and updates, farmers can manage the system via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

In addition to the standard monitoring capabilities offered by stored grain management systems, such as moisture, temperature and inventory, the GrainVue system includes automated aeration management that grain handlers can use to reach various goals.

With GrainVue and a connected weather station, a grain handler can set parameters and automate the fans, turning them on and off to maximize the cooling capability. This automation helps save time and energy by running the fans only when needed.

GSI GrainVue is just the beginning

Who better to help farmers quickly and easily manage and protect their grain than the company that designs and delivers the industry-leading grain storage systems that farmers know and trust? Monitoring grain quality isn’t new. But launching GrainVue is the foundation of GSI’s comprehensive grain conditioning platform, making it easier for farmers to take their operation’s storage success to the next level.

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