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Keeping stored grain protected and conditioned is vital to getting the most return from your harvest. For most users, the issue becomes how to maintain the quality and integrity of the bushels you have so you can utilize them during the peak months. Keeping it in condition is one way, but sometimes even well-stored grain can see damage when water gets inside through traditionally designed joints and seals on grain bins.

That’s why GSI built a better bin with EVO 2X. We eliminated half the vertical seams by doubling the length of each sheet. And we maximized strength at every connection with 50% fewer bolts. It all adds up to better protection. With longer sheets, fewer connection points, an optimized bolt pattern, NZF-2000 corrosion protection, and conical washers, the EVO 2X was engineered from the inside out to defend your grain from the elements.

While other bins need a complicated, precise construction process to promise no leaks, GSI’s construction is more forgiving, making getting the best bins to protect your investment easier and faster. Having a bin that sees fewer moisture issues also requires less cleaning and maintenance, avoiding added labor issues that many elevators and other end users face.

The EVO 2X commercial bin is available in widths from 90 to 156 feet in diameter. Contact your local GSI dealer to learn more or visit

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