Nitrogen stabilizers are a great ally

It’s a fact that helps explain why we’re seeing more growers gravitate toward solutions like ANVOL™, an easy-to-handle nitrogen stabilizer from Koch Agronomic Services (KAS) proven to extend protection, increase efficiency and boost overall yield potential.

For many years, growers relied on AGROTAIN™ nitrogen stabilizer from KAS, along with its active ingredient NBPT, to assist with the critical process of nitrogen loss prevention. Many of those same growers are now turning to ANVOL to give their nitrogen more protection and flexibility.

ANVOL—a next-generation urease inhibitor—is giving more operations the power to protect against volatilization while also allowing them to get more for their fertilizer dollars. So, while utilizing a stabilizer has long been considered a best practice, it’s quickly become an essential step for anyone needing to protect their nitrogen from many uncontrollable factors like soil quality and rain levels.

Another primary reason this standout formula is gaining favour across the industry is that ANVOL has been shown in studies to reduce ammonia volatilization loss by up to 33 percent. That level of reduction can have an incredibly positive impact on operations looking to maximize their urease inhibitor protection. Learn how its dual-active ingredients, NBPT and Duromide, help lower usage rates while giving farmers an upper hand in spring when racing against the clock. Then, learn why now is the time to make the switch.

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