Perception gaps exist between farmers and consumers

In recent research by Nutrien Ltd, “Bridging the Agricultural Perception Divide,” Nutrien presents an in-depth analysis of the varying perceptions between farmers and consumers in North America on crucial agricultural topics.

This comprehensive study involved 604 crop farmers and 3,003 consumers across the US and Canada, focusing on sustainability, technology, and land usage in agriculture.

The research identifies critical areas of perception difference, particularly in environmental stewardship and industry advancement, with farmers showing more significant agreement on responsible practices and soil quality.

In contrast, societal support for farmers indicates a higher level of consensus between both groups. The study also indicates a need for more interest and trust in agriculture among younger consumers.

Farmers expressed concerns about rising costs and the public’s understanding of agriculture, while 60% of consumers showed interest in learning more about the field.

“These emerging voices prioritize sustainability, innovation, and global impact, and there’s no mission more critical than modern agriculture,” said Jeff Tarsi, EVP and President of Global Retail, Nutrien. “As we work to rectify misconceptions and forge a shared vision, we recognize that farmers are unwavering in their dedication to land preservation. Nobody is more motivated to preserve farmland than farmers – and nobody is poised to benefit from those efforts more than consumers. By tapping into this collective dedication, we can inspire the youth to get excited about the potential of joining this critical endeavour.”

The study serves as a call to action for enhancing public knowledge and involvement in agricultural sustainability and innovation. View the study.

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