CAAR Congratulates TerraLink Horticulture on 50th anniversary

The event will be held on June 27, 2023, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

As a deeply rooted part of its communities since 1973, TerraLink is proud to share this milestone by bringing together its far-reaching network of clients, employees, and partners. The celebration will feature remarks from leadership followed by opportunities to connect with the TerraLink team on the company’s longstanding legacy, with a barbecue lunch provided.

During the Ag Community Appreciation event, TerraLink leadership will be available to speak to the media on the following topics:

  • Community connections: TerraLink is committed to serving growers by utilizing its unique position as a trusted, long-standing partner to create a positive impact. Enriching the communities it lives and operates in, highlighted by its $50,000 donation to local food banks, is part of TerraLink’s legacy in cultivating generational growth.
  • Generational advancement: By ever-evolving to meet the needs of its communities, TerraLink has transcended its humble beginnings as a team of 23 employees to establish itself as a preeminent partner in Western Canada’s specialty agriculture sector. Today, TerraLink proudly employs a devoted team of 148 staff members and agronomists who support the enduring success of the nearly 7,000 growers it serves.
  • Innovating growth: TerraLink is answering local and global demands for a sustainable and secure food supply by actively pursuing improved solutions to support growers in producing bigger, better crops. TerraLink’s access to research, paired with its onsite testing lab, plays a significant role in continually improving the reliability and quality of its fertilizers.

Matt Thurston, Chief Executive Officer, and Stan Loewen, Vice Chair, will be speaking at the event.

TerraLink History

Amid the prolific farmlands of the Fraser Valley in 1973, TerraLink Horticulture Inc. (TerraLink) first planted the roots of its 50-year legacy in supporting the generational growth of farming communities. Originally operating under Coast Agri, the company was born to fulfill local Abbotsford farmers’ need for dependable fertilizer and crop inputs. After rapidly expanding across adjacent communities, it officially became TerraLink in 2000. The name, from the Latin translation for the Earth itself, continues to signify the company’s enduring connection to the land where it lives and operates today.

TerraLink Today

TerraLink is now considered one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of crop input products across Western Canada, with a commanding presence in commercial greenhouse, turf, nursery, ornamentals, forestry, garden centres, landscaping, and organic markets. By ever evolving alongside agricultural communities, TerraLink has transcended its humble beginnings as a team of 23 to proudly employ 148 staff members and agronomists who work tirelessly for the lasting success of the nearly 7,000 customers they serve.

Farmers, production managers, and professional growers rely on TerraLink for its local perspective and deep-rooted agricultural knowledge. As a result, the company leads in connecting generations of customers to innovative, value-added solutions for their businesses.

Congratulations to TerraLink on this milestone anniversary. We can’t think of a better way to commemorate 50 years of advancing agriculture.  

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