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This has happened for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Advancements in precision application have created the opportunity for more specific prescriptive fertilizer applications, meaning fewer blanket applications and more exact custom blending and application.
  • A move to larger equipment means that operators are covering more acres faster – and they’re back more quickly for the next load.
  • Innovations in seed and other inputs encourage more efficient nutrient uptake and use.

The combination of a small application window and a limited labor force can sometimes mean that trucks are waiting in line or application equipment is sitting idle at the field – a hang-up that farmers don’t tolerate.

Upgrading the fertilizer blending process can help retailers improve efficiency.

Every location is different, so the process for upgrading a fertilizer blending system varies. There’s no one answer, so the key is to analyze the specific operations and where the pinch points are. In most cases, whether the answer is long lines or a lack of good help, the real need is a system with greater efficiency, less maintenance and a lessened load on the workforce.

A good fertilizer blending tower can also improve your quality.

Typical legacy style blenders, whether it’s an orbital style or a vertical blender, have been the industry standard for decades and take about 20 seconds per ton to set a good blend. That means that for a 24-ton load, it’s going to take about 8-10 minutes, minimum, just to blend, not to mention any impregnation, loading or discharging.

Retail fertilizer delivery is changing.

The industry is now making a turn to high-intensity, twin shaft horizontal mixers. These can achieve a thorough mix much faster, blending eight tons in 45 seconds, with impregnation. This means growers are getting a high-quality blend in three minutes or less.

GSI’s InterSystem line fits the bill!

For retailers looking to upgrade their fertilizer blending process, GSI’s Intersystem line of blend towers is an excellent opportunity. Faster cycles, high-quality blends, and more efficient use of labor all add up to improved service, a better customer experience and an improved bottom line, not to mention the longest warranty in the industry.

See how a GSI Intersystem fertilizer blend tower works here.

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