Wheat Growers launch campaign to consumers about staple food prices

Things are getting tighter. Farmers are navigating a maze of challenges. They’re already wrestling with the carbon tax, which touches every aspect of farming, and now, there’s chatter about cutting down on nitrogen fertilizer.

What does that mean? Well, with rising costs and potential fertilizer cutbacks, farmers might produce less. This could lead to even higher prices and more hiccups in getting our favourite foods. Those on tight budgets would feel the squeeze the most.

With our fertile lands, Canadian farmers use fewer fertilizers than many global counterparts. But if Canadian farmers produce less, others might fill the void, perhaps using more chemicals. The Amazon rainforest is being cleared partly for grain crops that gulp many fertilizers.

These policy shifts seem off-track, so the Wheat Growers have petitioned against these changes to educate consumers about the causes of some of these cost increases. It’s about keeping consumers informed. 

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