Our goal is to bring your voice to regulators before decisions are made while educating the public on responsible agriculture. We tackle issues surrounding product handling, site security, and training. Current ongoing initiatives include pesticide, nutrient management, and seed.


Your voice on Parliament Hill. We work to ensure that the laws and guidelines the government develops make sense for your business.

List of current initiatives are below

  • Pesticide
  • Nutrient
  • Seed


CAAR is proud to support important Canadian agriculture education programs.

Pesticide Initiatives

CAAR has actively promoted a sound science approach to responsible pesticide use and stewardship, participating in initiatives like:

Industry Roundtables and Coalitions

There are many roundtables, coalitions, and other groups coming together to build a variety of strategies for the long-term success of agriculture, and CAAR is proud to support as many of those initiatives as possible, including:

Nutrient Management

CAAR is a proud supporter of initiatives like 4R that focus on proper stewardship of crop nutrients and seeks to actively encourage a sound science approach to regulations on all levels. Recent activity includes:

Seed Initiatives

CAAR actively participated in support of Bill C-18 and supports messaging that helps encourage a clear understanding of the vital role that seed technology plays in the growth of agriculture, such as:

Current Advocacy Initiatives

Advocacy News

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